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Radiators – Having a room make over and radiator not in the best location ? Ineffective heating system and need a whole house design? Brighton Plumbing and Heating services measure and calculate each room to understand the amount of heat required to heat each room and therefore look at your overall home heating from top to bottom. Radiators can be updated to add flair, increase comfort or individuality to your home. Installs include Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) to help you control the heat within each room and systems balanced so each radiator heats as effectively as the next. Radiators or valves can be changed in a day so why delay?

Filters and Inhibitors – Every home needs these products! To aid your boiler to effectively heat your home a filter is required to remove damaging ‘magnetite’ that acts like cholesterol to your heating system. Chemical inhibitors are also a must to prevent rust and black sludge development. A simple solution to increase the efficiency of your heating system and adding years to your boilers health. Installation of filter is quick and non intrusive and can be installed along with inhibitors in a few short hours.

Under Floor Heating (UFH) – Keep a clear head and feel the heat rise! UFH delivers warmth from the bottom up, warming your body through the floor you walk upon giving ultimate heating comfort and grand home design. Free up walls from radiators so furniture can be placed anywhere creating clear open spaces and clean lines for modern living.

Helps those with allergies due to removal of dust circulation caused by traditional heating techniques. Reduces heat output due to low heating flow and return temperatures therefore reducing your carbon footprint, increasing efficiency and adding perceptive value to your home. Single rooms can be adapted to accommodate UFH or whole house installations can be catered for.

Solar Thermal Heat Store – This product works incredibly well with UFH and provides high pressure hot water flow rates throughout the home all using the energy from the sun. Boilers are used inconjunction with the heat store therefore providing year long comfort and reliability. The installation of solar panels are required and are connected to the heat store along with a connection from the boiler. Mains water is fed through the cylinder. The result is every bit of energy from the sun is used to not only heat your water but warm your home too.

Controls – Upgrade your existing controls so you can get the most out of your boiler. Good heating control increases household efficiency and ensures your home is warm and comfortable on your return from work, safe from freezing when away on holiday and moves heat to the parts of the home that require it most. Installation of such controls range form wireless room thermostats, programmers and timers to thermostatic radiator valves and motorized valves.

Adding quality controls to your home central heating and hot water reduces money and energy loss and increases home comfort. Transform your home in a day!