Leaks and Repairs

If you have a leak that needs to be fixed, we can help. Some leaks can lead to damage to your property that over time could be costly to repair. If you have a water meter installed, some leaks could end up significantly increasing your water bill.

We can investigate and repair your leaking pipework, check your water meter and also recommend ways to reduce your water usage. Leaking or broken toilets and taps can often be repaired, but we can also replace these if necessary. (Unfortunately, we cannot provide 24 hour assistance, but if you contact us we will get to you as soon as we can)

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Unvented hot water cylinders are ideal for families and large households. They are recommended where:

  • You have 2 or more bathrooms
  • You want your baths to fill up quicker
  • You want luxurious high powered showers
  • You need hot water at two or more locations at the same time

Solar Thermal Cylinders

Solar thermal cylinders use the energy provided by the sun to boost hot water temperatures in winter and turn your boiler off in summer. Solar thermal technology can be applied to both traditional hot water systems and modern systems very simply, so you can save energy and reduce the amount of money you spend on heating.

Kitchen Waste Disposal Units

We can install kitchen waste disposal units quickly and without hassle. A kitchen waste disposal unit reduces household waste being transported to landfill and helps keep kitchen areas free from a build up of wasted food.

Water Softeners

In our hard water area calcium build-up can damage taps, washing machines and decrease effectiveness of soap, shampoo and conditioners. By installing a water softener shower screens become clean and clear and tide marks a thing of the past. A water softening unit can be installed in a cupboard, under the stairs or in the loft and is suitable for all water systems.

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